Scaler Handpiece completo di punta

N. prodotto: SC21E

possibilità di spedizione entro 7 giorni

Scaler Handpiece completo di punta
  • Ultrasonic Scaler
  • Frequency range of 24- 33 kHz
  • Steel funnel cover
  • EMS® connection, type EN-041


Pain-free thanks to Piezo®.

Lateral tip movement.

With 32.000 movements per second, the Piezo®-technology provides an oscillation behavior equally to the tooth surface. The precisely defined movements of the instrument oscillate between tooth and gingiva and preserves the adjoining tissue and the subjacent nerves from injury.

Perfect control.

The linear movements of the scaler tip provide a maximum precision and comfort during treatment. The ergonomic shaped steel sleeve offers an excellent, safe gri

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